Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Windows Vista Adobe Photoshop CS4 Problem

Sorry for another post on “nibbled tech” because today we came back very late for a celebration for PW’s good news and our 3rd year and 1 month anniversary dinner so a short post today:

My newly installed Adobe Photoshop CS4 on Windows Vista in my laptop, has been giving me scrambled / distorted pictures, like this:


It never happen on the Windows XP one. I was beginning to think if I had installed the wrong version 64 bit instead of the 32 bit.

I can’t do much photo editing when using only Picasa, telling myself what’s the use of my laptop if I were to blog on the move. So I went around googling for an answer, true enough it is a known issue.

Solution: Edit>Preferences>Performance, disable “OpenGL Drawing”

Reason why Windows XP was that the OpenGL Drawing was disabled by default but Vista is otherwise.


-- Catfish --

PS: Shhh… Dont tell anyone I post this when PW is asleep now, don’t tell her ya! Winking I should not blog any “nibbled tech” for another 2 more post else I’ll be getting it from PW. I’ll try to blog on our Pangkor trip soon…


  1. ooi.. use original Photoshop.

  2. Hahaha yea, I'm a good boy for once... I'm currently using Adobe Photoshop CS4 trial version, you can get it here:



  4. haha. congrats. must support original products.


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