Monday, May 25, 2009

Mango Mania @ Bangsar

On Saturday, PW had a day out shopping at Bangsar with her girlfriends. You wouldn’t believe how girls shop~ Time out. They can shop for hours and climb countless flights of stairs without any sign of exhaustion. If you ask them to go to exercise: “tired la” or “lazy la” or even better “boring”. Anyway, I’m the chauffer and hanger of the day for PW.

Finally when the shopping spree got fruitful and they had enough, we headed off for some refreshment at Mango Mania:

For mango and ice cream lover, this is a place to be. It is self explanatory:

The Yoghurt Ice Cream cost RM6.90 with additional cost for fruit topping such as mango, kiwi or strawberry cubes. The Mango Mania which is additional mango cubes cost RM8.90.

My aim is to quench thirst so I opt for something big, an Apple Galore. It consist of blended apple and Mango yoghurt. I have to say it is a healthy drink and thirst quenching. At least, it refreshed me from the role of the day.

It’s not complete without something more solid so I ordered a Mango Cheesecake. It turns out to be a disappointment. As you notice, the top layer is gelatin; it does not compliment well with the cheese layer. According to Pei Pei, the best part is the biscuit base. That says a lot isn’t?

Don’t they looked ‘Absolutely Refreshed’, Pei3 (from left: Pei Pei, Pei Ying, Pei Wen).. 

But truth to be told we were all actually sweating because the place is quite hot and stuffy. I understand that part of it is due to the hot sun but the air conditioning doesn’t seem to be providing any relieve at all.

I like this photo a lot. PP it will make a very good wallpaper for your VAIO (click for wallpaper size 1024):

Mango Mania
Location: Opposite Eon Bank at Jalan Telawi 4, Bangsar. Google Map
Food: 3/5 nibbles (Excellent Mango Yoghurt Ice cream.)
Cleanliness: 4/5 nibbles
Pricing: 2.5/5 nibbles (suppose to be 2 but +0.5 for the location, Bangsar)
Service: 2/5 nibbles (waiter was not very helpful, not very smiley)


Had fun nibbling off some mango,


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