Friday, May 1, 2009

KitKat + Free Movie Ticket

She didn't believe me about this even though I showed her the website!!! She was like (annoyingly):
  • Really meh?
  • Do we have to use it immediately on that day?
  • Any movie? Sure?
  • Can get a ticket like that ny? Sigh...
Sigh... How would I know?!!

Here is what happened:
3 weeks back: while reading through, KitKat advertisement flashed at me luring me to its website. I'm always sceptical with these type of advertisements but somehow @_@ Woo cool! =) Free movie ticket why not?

How do you get it:
Buy two 6-packs of KIT KAT®products OR Buy one Sharebag of KIT KAT®products to redeem 1 free movie ticket at their selected outlets for each weekends 12pm - 6pm.
It's that simple! Yippie!

2 weeks back: We reminded ourself to check the location of the KitKat counter whether it is in Midvalley... Lucky enough, Yes! but we got up late and too late for the sing-k appointment so we waited till end of the singing session to go but Redbox was so generous to let us on for 1.5h++ which wasn't usually the case. We went there at 6 past and the counter are closed. Double dissapointment when we got home to find out that there were 2 counters at midvalley!! Watson and Jusco!

1 week back: It was not intentional but somehow we ended up in L'Oreal Sdn Bhd Warehouse sales (PW will update on that) at Parkroyal Hotel. Hahah we are just fated to get it, the counter is located at Sg Wang Watson on the same day. This time no matter what we definitely need to get hold of it.

Result: We got 2 Free ticket voucher by buying 4 6-pack KitKat! Yippie!!!

I just need to punish PW for the question by putting this big photo:

You may find more information (the counters location) at
The last counters at klang valley is this weekend 2 - 3 May 2009.

-- Catfish --


  1. Oi! stingy la you... makan all the KitKat!!

  2. Yalo.. yalo... He first day finish all 6-pack Kit Kat.... It'll show on his tummy very soon... :P

  3. PW, the hairband suit u leh!!! =P


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