Saturday, May 23, 2009


Mr.Catfish and I were on the way to SS2 for a Korean dinner with a few of my high school best friends. We were already late for the 8pm appointment because Catfish was stuck in a meeting earlier. After picking me up, he was trying to think of the the fastest way to reach SS2 and he decided to use Seremban highway going into Federal Highway.

Along our journey there the road was initially very busy with cars zooming left right but right after we passed Nirvana Memorial Centre we realize the road become suspiciously quiet with the nearest car is some distance away. This continue for quite sometime and the other cars seem to be keeping a constant distance between us. Out of a sudden, at the bend turning into Desa Water park City, Sunny Boy swerve to the left.

I turn to look at Catfish expecting an explanation to his sudden movement and with his face white he said to me that from the rearview mirror he saw a pair of green eyes looking at us from the backseat. By that time both our hearts stop. He ask me to turn around, take a look and confirm what he saw.  I suddenly thought of all the horror movie in the car where the ‘thing’ will jump on you the moment you turn back and look. So of course I refuse to do it and instead decided to use the camera since I already had it on my hand.  Picture posted below. Please only scroll down if you are sure you can take it.**









Still don’t know what is it? Take a good look here. It’s actually Mr.Big Thing Elephant. Doh

He’s hanging around thanks to Mr.Helmut and Goh.

Sigh, after the big scare and difficulty in getting a place to park Sunny Boy, we reach the Seo Gung Korean Restaurant to see this. SighCan’t blame them though, we are almost an hour late.

We ordered Dolsot Bibimbap which was quite good, haha maybe we are just hungry!!!

BBQ pork slice with spicy sauce. It was well marinated and the spicy sauce provided was excellent.

Restaurant Seo Gung
Ambience: 4/5 nibbles
Cleanliness: 5/5 nibbles (especially the toilet!)
Food: 2.5/5 nibbles (we have ate much better ones)



After dinner, we proceed to KTZ. Look at us studying the menu so intently while Catfish canwhoring there.

We ordered Tong Yuen which cost RM1.20 per piece and a Mango Loh Loh.

We are quite disappointed with Tong Yuen and Loh Loh after we have heard so much about their reputation.

It was indeed a fun and spooky evening. After so long of not seeing you girls, I miss everyone so much and can’t wait for the next meeting which is tomorrow. hehehehe…


Restaurant Kei Tak Sek
Ratings: 2.5/5 nibbles


Spooked Out,


**Disclaimer: The spooky story above is somewhat exaggerated. Please forgive my crappiness.


  1. hahaha. At first I feel scary too, thought it was "something" that got CH's attention. Great storyline *2 thumbs up*!

  2. Wah Yeejie.. So support a? Thank you! Thank you! :P


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