Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Angry and Sad ‘Sun’ issueS


It’s really annoying when foods that I bought intended to be eaten by only me always just ‘poff’ gone into mist. Just like a murderer leaving no evidence left behind.

2 days back my colleague, Wong, specially bought a biscuit from Taiwan (well not exactly this one, but the transparent wrapper do look similar):

It was so nice for Wong to keep one for me since I have requested it. Thanks! I was so happy and can’t wait to try it but as always I’ll keep it till I get back to enjoy it with PW. Got back home placed it on the table and proceed to cook dinner and was left there till one day later (i forgot about the 2-legged mice at home). Just when I thought it was the right moment to eat it today, it was GONE!!! I felt so angry that I almost made PW into a bad mood.

Well it was a missed review so:

Sun biscuit (pronounced as Tai Yang Bing in Mandarin) is a popular and famous Taiwanese snack. It is even popular to be brought back as a souvenir. Well put it this way it is just like the famous Siew Pau when you are in Seremban. How did it get it name? 1. It was originate from a shop named ‘Sun Hall’ 2. Because it looks like the shape of the Japan flag.

The taste? I can’t really recall the last time I ate it, perhaps ‘Helmut The Lim’ can describe it. Some research online said it taste like Lou Po Peng (wif'e’s cake) but so much nicer than it. Why can it be GONE~ sob…

Actually I didn’t want to blog today at all, it was due to another sad story with regards to the other ‘Sun’. Sunny Boy (what PW call my old Nissan Sunny) got into an Alzheimer or some Parkinson disease. Imagine if you are driving in the dark, alone, what would you feel when you wiper suddenly turned on without you switching it followed by RPM and Volt meter to jump crazily? In the end your radio just trip OFF and turn on again… Way CREEPY~! After dinner, I was so scared that sunny boy is really into some serious sickness as he keeps waving to everyone on the road with it’s wiper, I can’t resist to drive to the mechanic nearby my house to get it checked immediately. When I got there, sunny boy could not be started, he is death silent. Feeling lucky (got to a mechanic) and unlucky (sunny boy is dead) at the same time but mostly sad. The mechanic changed the main fuse which he suspected, cross finger that is the main problem. It got started after that, phew. It was quite late so he asked me to bring in another day to have a thorough check up on him.

-- Catfish --


  1. Hey,catfish, who's the two-legged mice by the way? hahahahahahahahah.... a real human or? well, palms together, praying good health for sunny boy!

  2. aww~ *Sayang Catfish...

    and also *Sayang Sunny Boy... Dun merajuk anymore K...

    Mr Anonymous: Identity of 2 legged mice is currently unknown... hmm.. wonder who or what is it? =p


  3. Time to invest in a new car.

    Go figure out who I am :)

  4. Haiya...u 2 faster get married and then we can eat "lo po peng" lo.

  5. That's it for Sunny Boy's life span. Sembelih-kan dia Sunny Man!


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