Friday, May 29, 2009

Happy Dumpling Day 端午节

Have you guys eaten your zhong today? Every year by hook or by crook regardless of the busy schedule, my family will try to make some dumplings. So every year this time, I’ll definitely get to munch all these, yum yum slurp~:DSCF2070

Dumplings festival also known as  Double Fifth Festival as it falls on the fifth day of the fifth month. What happened on that day? Hahah… This is what I remembered from my young time: (very vague, Don’t sue me for discrepancy)

It all started way back in one of the China Dynasty, I think it is the Zhou Dynasty. As usual in all story, we have the good guy and the bad guy. The smart scholar is the good guy but the king only listen to the bad guy. After countless “nyap,nyap,nyap” the King felt annoyed and throw him out of the palace. Finally, the unfortunate really has happened, the scholar blamed himself for the country invasion and try to cover it’s ka-cheng by jumping into a river full of piranha (<—heheh made it up) on the fifth day of the fifth month. The villagers there who admired and respected him, try to search for his body but their effort was futile. They came up with a funny idea by making dumplings to throw into the river to feed the fish so the scholar’s body will be left untouched. At the same time, the fierce looking dragon boat was made to scare fishes away from eating the body. ROar!

If you are lazy to read my long gas story… This is how PW simplified it. (Catfish: keng leh with paint only leh): dumpling 2

For a more complete info on Dumpling festival, click here.



--Catfish & PW--


  1. I didn't know that dragon boat is used to scare the fish. Betul ke?

  2. Yea... Last time I read a comic (something like romance of 3 kingdom comic) they mentioned like this. It is vague so I have already checked with wikipedia:

    Check the Qu Yuan section... It mentioned it...

    But no matter what you still have to give credit to PW's drawing... she listened to my story and she drew that...



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