Sunday, May 3, 2009

Teary Day...

I am a total mess today... Tears streaming down every 5 minutes.. If the neighbours are watching, they must think some sort of abuse is taking place.. Poor DD (aka Catfish) will be blame for it.. nyehehhheh

The actual culprit: Britains Got Talent.... -_-"

Ridiculous isn't it? For the record, I'm not the sort of person who cry easily.. What is happening to me??? I just got so inspired by those participant. Some of the recommended acts : Shaheen Jafargholi, Good Evans, and of course the infamous Susan Boyle..

Go watch if you have the time.. :)

PS: One tip of making the show seems more interesting to you, watch it when you have something more important to attend to.. Trust me, every act will be eye catching...

PPS: I can see DD fuming behind me for the 1st PS... I am suppose to be preparing for a very important future shaping presentation... hehehe.... shh~


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