Friday, May 15, 2009

Midnight Project

Every 14th of the month is a time for celebration and this month my plan is to surprise Catfish with a simple DIY dessert.  Inspired by a cooking game show, I plan to make the dessert called “Love at First Sight” Blushing

Definitely not easy to surprise him. It involves some wrestling. Have to ensure he doesn’t come out of the room. I practically move the whole clothing rack in front of the door to buy us some time in case he does come out. Whole night we were panicking at small sounds. Phew~

My partner in crime for this. Meet Catfish’s sister, Pui Yee

Step 1: Gather all the ingredient

  1. 250g Cooking Chocolate
  2. 2 Eggs
  3. 300g Marie Biscuit
  4. Cocoa Powder
  5. Some dried fruits if you fancy.

Step 2: Based on experience I know better than to melt the chocolate using direct heat. Instead melt the chocolate using boiling water to avoid burning the base. Slowly mix in the beaten eggs while stirring.

Step 3: Break the Marie biscuits into smaller pieces and throw it in the melted chocolate. Stir until all the Marie biscuits are fully coated with chocolate.

Step 4: Camwhore!! hehehe.. Just Kidding!

The real Step 4: Pour everything onto the aluminum foil. Doesn’t look too appetizing isn’t it? hehe.. Don’t worry, everything is still under control.

Step 5: Roll. Sueeze. Roll. ‘Kemek’. Roll. Squeeze. Roll. ‘Kemek’….. Try to make it as compact as possible but be careful to not make a hole in your ‘Love at First Sight’

Step 6: Wait for the roll to cool down first before leaving it overnight in the fridge. That is the cue to camwhore again.

Step 8: The next morning, after you remove the aluminum foil it could still be a little sticky. Sprinkle some cocoa powder on it and it will be fine. End product is suppose to be a heart shape. FAIL~

Actually did you realize that during the whole process we were standing on a chair? Go look again.. That is because we have an uninvited guest hiding in the corner. Say ”Hi Mr. Siu Keung~”.  He must have think he stumble upon heaven because poor Mr. Siu Keung died of old age the next day. We were wondering why he didn’t move at all except for his antennae the whole night.

Finally, surprise Catfish in the morning before work. Yummy!

The whole process took only about an hour.. Fast right? So do try it out!! Tell me how it turns out. 



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  1. Eii..u guys are really sweet..

    mm..Pei Wen..i thought it should be called "The Remembrance of First Love" ??


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