Friday, May 1, 2009

I Like Fish

Gosh! It's been ages since we are able to write something since the first casual "welcome" post. Such a big lazy bum to get into the blogging gear. Well one of the main reason was PW wanted to start of with a very nice and long 24 question and answer blog from each of us. However, it never get very far. LOL. Hahah and this is my first time blogging, so a little reluctant to jump into blogging gear yet, do give comment on how to improve my post. I have got quite some photos to blog about but was on hold.

Welcome to Nibble of Thoughts!

A short intro about me: My name is catfish, hahah why catfish? because I like fish? :-P Well just a nick from my high school friend that started, they always make fun of my unshaven moustache (just can't be bothered) and hence...

Moving on, I'm just a research/survey freak. I'm always constantly searching, hunger for more input, more input <--phrase from "Short Circuit" Movie. It's always a waste down the gutter due to my forgetfulness. This blog will be a place for me to jot down my reviews, research and readings (3R - it just came out of no where) and most important: sharing is caring. ;-)

-- Catfish --


  1. Congrat on the opening of your new blog!

    Btw...I think my english is bad. I often misread Nibble as Ni**le. LOL.


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