Sunday, May 10, 2009

Lok Lok Fun

Come Saturday morning, the questions will always be:

“Where to go?” “What to eat?” “What to do?”…..

After much discussion with catfish, we narrow down to 2 option:

Syabu   Shabu-shabu in Puchong (Me) or 1U (Catfish).

I lose! So we ended up in 1U just in time for breakfast lunch (because we ‘to to mo mo’ and only reach around 2pm). We were starving and Catfish was a bit agitated already.  So first mission is: FOOD!!! We hunt around the new food corners in LG floor (it’s near Cold Storage) and stumble upon LOK LOK FUN.

They were having a ‘All You Can Eat’ promotion for only RM9.90. A good deal I must say but Catfish was having second thought about it. All I can think about is I was meant to get my Syabu Shabu-Shabu. Big Grin 

So let the makan begin:

Round 1: mussels, squids, marinated chicken, crab meat, century egg, straw mushroom, ‘um chun’ egg, UFO fish paste thingy, and lettuce.

Round 2: Panda fish cake (So cute~), bean curd skin, button mushroom, abalone mushroom, straw mushroom (Can see that we are fungus lover), ham, meatball, siu mai, kang kung and mussels again.

and Baby Octopus <-- Catfish favorite

They have 2 variety of soup base. Plain Water or Tom Yam.

erm… Plain Water???? Siao a… of course Tom Yam la… but with an additional charge of RM 2. It’s worth it though because the Tom Yam gives it an added Omph factor.

Bloop! Bloop! Bloop!

Catfish is the guinea pig for the day. They have the normal Chili sauce, Sweet sauce, Peanut sauce (which is good) and the most special and tastiest Thai Chili sauce.

It’s very obvious who is the photographer of the day lo.. All also Catfish photo..
Nah~a picture of me.

Look at the amount of food we ate.. OMG!!! I wouldn’t recommend this kind of eating without the promotion.

This is the reason why. Based on the amount we ate, the bill will totaled up to RM60.00!!!! Surprise So if you are interested, quick go try it out before the promotion end (according to the waitress, it’s end of May).

At the end of the day our bill is only RM26.50 including 2 drinks. No tax.

A fun and satisfying meal indeed. It’s definitely a more hygienic way of enjoying Lok Lok. No more staring in horror when some inconsiderate people re-dip their half bitten fish ball.. bluek~

We then proceed to walking around 1U to ease our full stomach and I found this. teeheehee~

Lok Lok Fun

Oval Zone,
Lower Ground Floor, 1 Utama

--PW and Catfish--


  1. Let's go to this kaiten belt shabu shabu on puchong. It's eat all you can, one person not more than RM30 only. Each person also have their own pot, so you can do whatever with your soup.

  2. Hahaha... It was the one near Giant and Citibank Puchong...
    Tried it... Very fun, we shall write a blog on it soon... it was RM 53 for 2 person...


  3. My sis read your blog and mentioned wanting to go to this lok lok!!

    Your fault!!

    Btw, it looks yummy!

  4. Yum Yum..looks nice. Choong, you should get a DSLR camera in order to take nicer picture. lol.

  5. Yeah, correct, near giant wan. Got 2 shops, one of it is multi storey wan right. Let's go again, after squash!

  6. Yes. Lets go. I discover a secret on how to make the soup base taste the best. But first must exercise first. All my pants tight dy.. :(


  7. OK. Let's set it to this sun? Put a chat box in ur blog la

  8. yum yum~~ catfish looks hungry... eh btw, the price is reasonable =)

  9. Su-Lyn: This weekend I'm going back kuantan. Next week K.

    PY: We were starving but of course I more maintain than Catfish la.. hehehe... The All you can eat promo is worth it.



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