Sunday, May 17, 2009

Trip Back to Kuantan

This week I send PW back to celebrate post-Mother day and her belated birthday. We started our journey back to Kuantan right after our work. Only arrived Kuantan at 12.30am. This is my second time travelling on Karak + East West Link Highway at night and I do not recommend this if you are not experience with the road, you will be driving in dark windy road. Poor Sunny boy is reaching it’s old ages, gets exhausted and heated up too quickly.

As usual, it’s always interesting when they come up with lots of makan places to go to. This time we ended up eating in a new place opposite the market with a Supermarket (the Store) in it.

Back in her Kindergarden days, this is the shop that PW’s family used to have their ko lo mee (Cheong Kee) everyday because her father loves it. She said it still tasted the same:

The Cheong Kee ko lo mee tasted very different from others. It taste more original (Cantonese: ‘cheng’), I like it though:

Later in the afternoon, we headed off for yum cha session at Phin Ju, Air Putih:

They sell a range of dim sum but what make them famous are the bestest ‘Wu Kok’ that I have ever eaten:

It is definitely the most meat filling ‘Wu Kok’ that I have ever eaten. Don’t you just feel like trying it? Yum YuuuUUMM slurp:

The day ended with a big dinner with her family and a stroll down the new East Cost Mall. I find Kuantan a very relaxing place to be in. This is the time that I get good rest from the exhausting and stressful working life. A trip to kuantan is like a trip to the beach for a relaxing holiday.

Cheong Kee – near the wet market with The Store supermarket, click her for map
Phin Ju - It is located near a Petronas Petrol station at Jalan Air Puteh, click here for map.

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