Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Annoying SD card!!!

D*mn the SD card!! Kept giving me a write protected error when I tried to delete photos from it using a card reader (click to enlarge) :

The card lock was unlock. I figured must be the contact so I brush the contact pins with a sand paper. STILL NOT WORKING!!! Next suspicion maybe the lock mechanism contact is not very good. Next try used 3 layers of cello tape on top of the lock and hope that it will be pressed down it enters the SD reader slot, as below:

Yippie!! It worked!! I’m a genius! Applause

Hahah then I realized this was a very normal problem occurred for SD card and the solution was all over the World Wide Web… sigh… What a disappointment…

I found a very good article for more detailed explanation and instruction:

-- Catfish --


  1. Serious? This can work?

    All my SD cards got the same problem! Just put tape on top?

  2. never had that problem before, actually.. but will know what to do when i get it.. =)

  3. Su-Lyn: Please don't throw your SD card like that... you can give it a go and try... usually your camera and laptop SD reader shouldn't face this problem since they are spring loaded... USB card reader might poise this problem...

    Soon Seng: Hahah now you know...

  4. So technical... do you mean that we need to hurt the SD card, then balut on the wound...haha

  5. Hahaha... I sayang the SD card and wrap it up with care~


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