Monday, May 18, 2009

Back to Kuantan: Day 2

While we were on the journey to Kuantan, Catfish was  planning to finally start (it was suppose to start since April) his practice for the KL Marathon run. The plan was to jog around my neighborhood at 7am. Instead he got distracted by Counter Strike. Raised Eyebrow

So Day 2 turns out to be another Makan Day! hehehe…

First stop: S Katong Curry Laksa.
This was recently introduced by my uncle so this is a first for me as well.

Don’t you think it looks exactly like how it was advertise in the signboard? This is the epitome of “What you see is What you get”. (Half an egg, 5 pieces of fishcake, one prawn,…).

I found this from Wikipedia though.

“Katong laksa is a variant of laksa lemak from the Katong area of Singapore. In Katong laksa, the noodles are normally cut up into smaller pieces so that the entire dish can be eaten with a spoon alone (that is, without chopsticks or a fork). Katong laksa is a strong contender for the heavily competed title of Singapore's national dish.”

The laksa I had was not cut into smaller pieces. If only they had, I would have given them a 100% rating.

For lunch, we had something healthier. Apple Salad by my mom. Simple dish but this is just what we need after days of eating such heavy meals.
This is a picture of Catfish getting distracted by Counter Strike. The night before he was playing till 4am and here he is again in the afternoon.

Before we leave Kuantan, we went for early dinner in ‘Astro’. hehe..

We ordered: “Zhu Kiok Chou”. Direct translation Pig’s Leg Vinegar.
“Hak Chiu Pai Kuat” = Pork’s Rib in Black Pepper Style.
“Lou Ngap” = Braised Duck. Actually I just learn from a Malay cooking show that Braise in Bahasa Melayu  is Merendidih.. In my 11 years of studying BM, I never come across this word. This is the power of TV. I shall therefore encourage people to buy more Sony TV. (wuahaha.. hidden agenda here. Catfish and his colleague would understand)

We also have a vege dish and the soup was complimentary. According to Catfish, his favourite is the Braised Duck.

Well, my favourite is actually the “Zhou Kai” = Running Chicken.. my gosh.. 
Actually “Zhou Kai” = Chicken in Wine. While I was happily enjoying this dish. I realize my mom stop after one sip. When I ask her, her reply was so funny. She said this dish reminded her of her confinement time and it gives her the creep. Wuahahahah..
Cue music….*Ibu~ Ibu~ Engkaulah Ratu Hatiku~….
Oh, and Catfish discover hidden treasure in the toilet. hehehhe… Careful guys. We don’t want any accident to happen.

Restaurant S Katong Curry Laksa
Ratings: 4/5 nibbles
Direction: Click here <— it is very difficult to get the correct location so this is a rough one..

Restraurant S-tro
Ratings: 4.5/5 nibbles
Direction: It is located near BHP petrol station and the 888 food court along Jalan Teluk Sisik. A rough map direction.




  1. the food at Kuantan is very nice ^^

  2. Haha.. of course la.. It partially contribute to your growth..


  3. tq 4 the merendidih info.. hehehe


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