Thursday, May 7, 2009

It’s not a birthday without a cake

Birthday Girl: Ying Yie
: The Apartment, KLCC

Ying Yie, this post is specially dedicated to you. You should feel honored for being the first birthday post on N.o.T (Nibble of Thoughts).
I think you are all exhausted with my ‘long gas’ on previous post so let the picture nibble away:

After a hearty meal, the main event took place…

Highlight of the day (credit to Su-Lyn, great attempt… it’s all about the effort *pats*):

Enjoying the most unique DELICIOUS cheese cake ever~! (FYI: only edible using spoon)

Birthday girl with the end product (the cake has a mole)

The beauties

The "smartest" handsome guy on earth

Camwhore after a good cake session

We were trying out burst shots for 12 brackets and edited with Photoshop. Check this out:

Cool leh~!

Updated by Catfish at 10pm: 
Thanks for the compliment, well it was my first animated gif photoshop. I was too tired to comment further on the photos yesterday.
It is quite interesting to look at what we did in the 12 burst shot, let me explain what actually happened:
Vincent was doing the "Sound Of Music" good night song.
Have you ever wondered why YJ is always blurred? he was shaking his head the whole time.
Su-Lyn was like being attacked by Isaac, hahah it was good act.
Shino seems like she started posing a little later when she found out Ying Yie has already started.
PW always have been so pretty with the camera.

Happy Birthday Ying Yie!

-- Catfish and PW --


  1. really have to admit that the last pic is cool..

  2. w00t...the GIF is cool leh!

    By: The smartest boy

  3. thank you so much for the post..i love the last picture cool!!..**hugs & kisses to PW & CH ( hug only )**

  4. lol...good try... :)

    remember the our date tmr, 3pm.

    no see no bye...

  5. love all the quality of the pics!

  6. OMG!!! The nice pic is really cool wei... how u guys edit it?


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