Wednesday, May 27, 2009

KL Tower Forest Towerthon Challenge 2009

Took place during 1st March 2009. If I’m not mistaken, I was informed by my colleague then followed by Su-Lyn. I was very keen to take up this challenge and joined my colleague’s team called “Esaibo” (found out on the day itself, weird name though).

Why PW join? : PW LOA during my practice –> find colleagues –> agreed –> join as well!  Su-Lyn took part as well.

It’s been ages since I took part in any sports event. It makes my adrenaline pumping again when I’m at the Starting line.IMG_4999

Don’t worry if you are at the back of the line. We were all given a counter each to tie it up on our shoe. This will be use to record our time as soon as we step on the red mat. Thank God for that because without it we might ended up being as flat as a roti canai with all the kiasu-ness around.. ***

PW and me done loads of practices so the stairs was not really the big problem but we did not take other condition into account. It was like sauna as soon as we enter the stairs plus all the sweat smell and slimy trail from all those in front… YUCK~ The were some ventilation fan every 10-20 flights of stairs, those levels are like heaven! Cool breeze… (PW: also the 1km uphill dash to the KL Tower is not fun either.) ***

I hate this ‘6 floor to finish’… I hate it! HATE IT! StUPiD sign!!! (Notice it says 2008 – recycled –.-“) ***
At this point, you would think: dash up, finish it and get over with it! NO YOU ARE WRONG! GOTCHA!! It was a drinking station after 10+ flights of stairs… The sport officer said 2 more floors so I skipped the drink and continue to dash. What the HELL!! ANOTHER FREAKING DRINKING STATION. I confirmed twice or triple with the sport officer at this new refreshment station whether it is really 2 more floors. Well this time they are quite right, phew, lucky else I’ll faint from all dashing.

This is my team. Looked more like: “Neh tiring meh?” ***

I was surprised on how fast PW made it up. I’m so proud of her. First, the courage to take part. 2nd, for being so determined! Good job PW!! Here you go, you deserve this:

PW’s team... Good job everyone!

We spent about 1h enjoying the scenery up there and met up with few of our UNIM friends, wouldn’t thought of meeting them there. Pity for the foreigners who came by to visit KL tower during this time because the whole observation deck stinks! Well not to mention, queue up for the elevator. Imagine sweaty and smelly skin. YUCKS x 10~!

Love this photo. Too bad we were not in it. ***

Everyone was happy with themselves but the stomach just can’t stop complaining. So we all eat our medal… Tongue

Yea we all made it! Congratulation to everyone!

Time taken:
Catfish - 0:27:15 <— was alright. Maybe my 30min target was a bit too lenient.
PW - 0:39:02 <— I was surprised! Not worthy

I know this event has been a while but still feel like blogging it because:

1. It’s something that we have challenged ourselves to nibble on,

2. The result have just been announced. Click here for the result.

3. I’m up for a new challenge, something that I have never done:

Standard Chartered KL Marathon this 28 June 2009 21KM Half Marathon. Unfortunately, PW won’t be joining (She said “boring” Shame on you). You may have noticed that I have placed a new column (KL Marathon 2009 Training) on the side for my practice time


Just to give you a taste on the KL Marathon route:

If you are interested, it is not too late to join but you might not get the early bird discount like me. Click here

Wish me luck,

Really need it!

*** Photos (especially those in the stairs) are courtesy of Axiao. Thanks!


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