Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Exhausted Catfish

It’s been so tiring to get PW in to the blogging mood. This is what she did to avoid from starting up her first post:

  • The blog design is a no no.
  • Must have a proper introduction. Lengthy one I would say.
  • Being rational she agreed that it is indeed too lengthy and it will take forever to finish, so she agree I should start writing other post first.
  • After getting initial blog design + 2 blog started, she said we don’t have a good banner.
  • Next, no site meter!!!... etc etc

Setting aside the “above”, I want to compliment myself that Nibble of Thoughts blog page design do look decent now. =P Don’t you think so? It’s been ages since I touched CSS and HTML.

The blog design was a courtesy of N.Design Studio. Painfully edited it to suit our blogging need. There were problems like the content width could not fit full length landscape photo, some part were nibbled off. Didn’t like the way how the labels, comments and post date were positioned. The most troublesome is the calendar display for each post was a pain. It takes me long hours to figure out how to use the CSS and javascript. It look alright for the moment although there is some problem loading the javascript on IE browser.

There was a big problem with the page header picture but it worked out nicely! All thanks to PW’s brilliant idea. Spot anything? (Note: 100% Genuine photo, only 1 history edit in photoshop) Best scenic photo taken with PW, was taken in Kuala Selangor during our 3rd year anniversary trip to Pangkor.

It was worthwhile after the pain. Do comment on the design, I did put a lot of effort in it. Suggestions are welcome, this is my first time designing a blog.

I guess reading this was painful and draggy post, I do apologize for it!

Pains and exhausted catfish aside, writing this post was a great experience and easy with the use of Windows Live Writer instead of the small post edit form in Blogger. This was recommended by Mr YJ Microsoft, thanks pal. I’ll update more after I get to learn more about it. If you’ve tried it, do share your findings with me.

-- Catfish --


  1. I heaved a Great Big Sigh after reading this post... How bout u? :P


  2. Good...update your blog more frequently. Hehe...

  3. I will visit this often. Do update regularly. Hope to read more happy sweet stories!

  4. Thanks for your support Anonymous!
    I'll try my best to update often but I had a very tiring day and some problem with my sunny boy car~ sad~

    -- Catfish --


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