Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Valentine Day 2009 @ GSC Signature Gold Class

I must say this is one of the few unforgettable surprises that PW had gave me. Really credits to her research and well planned surprise.

This year’s valentine suppose to be just a dinner at the same old Putrajaya Mariott’s Tuscany.

A few days back, she mentioned that she bought morning tickets for Benjamin Buttons. She kept reminding me over and over again that the movie starts at 11am but somehow Saturday is just not the day to wake up early for both of us. Well mostly my fault Tongue

Luckily it’s just 1 minute late Whew.. I was so ‘Kan Chiong’ squeezing our way to the upper floors to the signature premier but PW kept joking that she bought tickets to GOLD CLASS so she dragged me to the entrance and showed her tickets… I really thought she was joking! and I was like: No Way!!!

FYI: this is my first time at Gold Class!

Before I can finish my jaw dropping moments…

Before we can enjoy the lounge…

We were welcomed by the waiter at the food counter and told us that there is no need to rush since there is a 15 min lapse before the movie start.

PW ordered tapas. She said she read good reviews on it.

There was no one in the cinema when we got in. PW told me she booked the whole cinema for me, well I believed her in the beginning because nothing can be impossible at that moment. Us only:

Not too long before the movie starts the Tapas were served. It come in a set of 4 choices plus a drink (coffee or tea) at a price of not more than RM40. Its a bit challenging to eat in a dark cinema plus the fact that the table is small. It doesn’t really matter as the tapas were really good, especially the prawn and the eggplant. DSC01349_2

Then only I realized that PW was actually joking about the “whole cinema booked” when a couple came in. Nevertheless, there were only 2 couple in the cinema. It was cool!

Benjamin Buttons movie was great even though it was a very long one! 2 thumbs up I would say… But of course nothing beats the company…

After the movie, we hanged around at the lounge.DSC01364

This is what happens when you put us both in a very quiet and spacious lobby:

Take 1

Take 2 It resembles…DSC01366

This…   monster_vs_alien

Thank You so much Dear! Muacks! Love Struck


I would say I really appreciate the comfort of the seat and the reclining leg. The blanket and the pillow are a set to the complete our satisfaction. The ticket includes a soft drink as well.



Choong Hoe
PS: Sorry for the poor quality photos as it was taken using my K810i phone camera. For a poor lighting condition, I would say it is pretty good.


  1. Hehe...this post reminds me of the "Twin Seat" story. Haha.

  2. Hahah... you had me thinking what is the "Twin Seat" story...
    Of course, I remember it... PW forget it though...



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