Friday, June 19, 2009

Action Pack Day : Battle 1

I know! I know! We are skipping a day or two with blogging.

My parents are back from Brunei for holidays. I’ve got to spend some time with them.

Miss me?

14th June is our anniversary day. Confused with all the anniversary date? Hahaha.. We made a promise to celebrate on every 14th of the month to keep our relationship fresh and eventful… Something simple will do, an outing or just a dinner… As long as we are spending some time together, we are happy.

So on the 14th Sunday, our day was spent in The Curve and somehow, our activities tends to connect to some sort of adventure or require some physical aggressiveness.

First event: We heard about the Esprit Warehouse sales from my colleagues during the weekdays so we thought of checking it out. The sales was from 11-14 June 2009 but we were only too lazy to go and procrastinate until the very last day Tongue.

The sales condition there was like a pasar malam with piles of clothes everywhere with prices and discount posters all over the place. The crowd there was okay, not as bad as the Zara or FJ Benjamin warehouse sale recently. At least you can still stand and choose without being push or elbow by someone.

From the picture below it looks like there are lots of clothes to choose from but in reality much to our disappointment, most of the racks are just repetitive. Is this because we were there on the last day so only limited stocks are left? Please enlighten me.

After one or 2 piles, PW got fed up and decided to employ the luck strategy. She just randomly stick her hand in every pile and see if she can find any hidden treasure. (PW: I found one gorgeous jacket that is formal enough to be worn to work but also suitable for casual outing. It was one size too big.. Crying
Esprit Warehouse sales1

In the place, there is only 2 fitting rooms available and the queue got longer and fatter like it has taken “Appeton Weight Gain”.

However, they are kind enough to provide mirrors around the place. This is good, I found a shirt I like and decided to just try it out with the mirrors.

But I had a hard time getting a fair view of the mirror. Hmmph~ girls and aunties kept hogging the mirror. They seem to hover around pretending there is no queue. PW mention that it was caused I’m a guy and girls will tend to bully the guy a bit in this situation. This is after all their territory.

The final stage of the war was continues with the paying queue to get to the spartan at the cashier:
Esprit Warehouse sales2

In 2 hours, mission completed with total damage of RM256 (with 25% off all items + additional 10% with HSBC credit card) for 7 items gathered.


Treasure Looters,

--Catfish & PW--

P/S: Battle 2, To be continue…

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