Thursday, June 11, 2009

Lost in Translation

I discover that people are travelling a lot these days. Must be due to the cheap air fare promotion by MAS and Air Asia.

Swine Flu? A(H1N1) Flu? What Flu?

Catfish and I almost booked a flight to Vietnam or Bangkok. But plan fail.. Crying 

Never mind, next time then..

Anyway in this season of travel, I’m sure a lot of people are doing some research or maybe learning a few of the destination language.

So have you found a website containing all the information you want but in foreign language? What’s the tool you use to translate?

I was playing around with Babel fish the other day. I wanted to test it’s effectiveness and accuracy.

Let’s try with the most important phrase during travelling especially for the ladies.

“How much?”

Guys might find it useful too. You can sneak behind your girlfriend and test the waters before deciding to bring her to the shop or lead her to another street. Winking

So here goes..

Step 1 : English to Japanese. OK.
Babel Fish

Step 2: To test it’s effectiveness, I copied the answer given and translate it to English.
Babel Fish

Which Rank is not How much!!

Step 3: To test it’s accuracy, I put “Which Rank” for translation.
Babel Fish

To which I got the answer Smell Which?
Babel Fish

I wonder if the Japanese will understand me when I show them Which Rank? or Smell which?

Let’s say in a situation of a bachelor looking for partners in Japan:

Hot Bachelor A: (thinking) I wonder how much is her? Let me show her my copied phrase from Babel Fish.

*Proceed to show どの位か。

Kawaai Girl B:  F!!

Hot Bachelor A: ??? Maybe she didn’t get me.

*Proceed to show 臭いどれか。

Kawaai Girl B: Everywhere can smell! Very Good. (In Japanese of course)

Hot Bachelor A: ??? (Still waiting for some kind of numbers) Forget it. I don’t get you.

Unknowingly, Bachelor A had gotten all the answers he needs.  Maybe except the price.


To be fair, I tried Google translate.

Babel Fish

Not much help either.
Babel Fish

First attempt at nibble tech,

PW… Smug


  1. =.='''
    u r the first one who really go to try like this...
    pui fok....

  2. Hew who just post it....

  3. Naughty ya...Mr Nibbled Tech

  4. Anonymous Hew: tq..tq... =)

    Yeejie: It's written by Ms.Nibble Tech not Mr.Nibble Tech. ;p


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