Saturday, June 13, 2009

BBQ Chicken @ 1U

Truth to be told, we skipped this place the first time we were food hunting in 1U. We opted for the Lok Lok promotion  instead.

This is because PW don’t feel like having BBQ and I am not interested with Chicken. Raised Eyebrow

But we were wrong. The name of the shop is misleading.

It’s not BBQ in bar-be-que but BBQ as in (Best of the Best Quality)…

BBQ Chicken is actually Korea’s No. 1 BBQ Chicken Restaurant venturing into Malaysia.

Their main selling point is the fact that they use 100% Olive Oil for cooking and chicken/meat used are never frozen but only chilled.

What does it mean? Olive oil = healthy, chilled = fresh and well marinated!

Ever wonder what’s the benefit of Olive Oil, BBQ Chicken have this on every dining seat:BBQ Chicken Olive Oil
I never know that it actually prevents osteoporosis, how true is that? Until I went to google it and found:

Here we shun a bit of our blogger role where we should take on more variety of food to show case the whole menu.

Both of us are particularly attracted to the charbroiled chickens, so I ordered Korean Charbroiled (cost RM17.90):
BBQ Chicken Korean Charbroiled
I love it! This dish uses my favorite part of the chicken, the tender leg meat. If you haven’t noticed, the amount of oil used was at minimal. Well marinated and I could taste the sauce till the core. Yum~

PW ordered, Korean Charbroiled sandwich (cost RM18.90):
BBQ Chicken Korean Charbroiled Sandwich
PW requested to change one of the side dish from mashed potato to salad instead. So double salad. The meat goes well with the sandwich bread too!

Suprisingly, the portion of meat given was equal. So it’s like paying an additional of RM1 for the bread, tomato slices and onions. Why not if you are a big eater?

The ambience:BBQ Chicken Ambience
I’m sure the guy was thinking ‘sam pat’-nyer this 2 people. Hahah

We were taking too much photos partly because I was trying out the prosumer camera that I got from Sony Staff Clearance Sales. It makes me look so pro but then in a fast food restaurant? LOL

The waitress at the restaurant were very nice and patient. We took ages to make our order… Hahaha As usual indecisive but they give suggestion nicely and not pushy at all. You know how sometimes how pushy some waitress are. Hate that!

The shop have actually more varieties of healthy and tasty Chicken meals in different cooking style. You’ll be surprise on how many ways they can fry a chicken.

Log on here to know more of their menu and also if you are interested to own a BBQ Chicken franchise. (If it’s successful, invite us to cut your ribbon k!)

BBQ Chicken
Location: LG 323-323A, 1 Utama Shopping Centre (New wing near Cold Storage) 
Food: 4.2/5 nibbles.
Cleanliness: 4.5/5 nibbles
Pricing: 2.5/5 nibbles
Service: 4/5 nibbles


Staying Healthy,

-- Catfish --

P/S: One trivia for you.

This is the birthplace of Nibble of Thoughts. While waiting for our food to come, the water broke and the idea of a blog was born.
Will blog more on the history and heart ache of starting N.O.T. later.

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  1. I like BBQ chicken too..i tried the 2 dishes b4..Just love it.. haha


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