Monday, June 29, 2009

KL Marathon: Getting Pumped Up!

Yippie! Choong Hoe have conquered 21km at KL Marathon!

I shall talked about today’s event later… I’m too tired and exhausted to blog all in one… Well partially because I don’t have the photos. Hehehe the runner’s guide book told us to pack light… So I shall talk about the registration day instead -->

T-1 (a day before the race)

Dataran Medeka was rather convenient for me as I’ll only need to hop on to STAR LRT and get to Masjid Jamek, 3min walk away. Tsen and I were there first.

We received phone call from the rest of my colleagues when we are not far from Masjid Jamek saying that their car robbed in Titiwangsa park and they are at the police station. 2 person lost a phone and couch wallet each worth up to RM1000.

Advise: Please be careful when you are to park your car at any parks. If possible, use plastic bags to keep valuable in your pockets and pack light… Remember…

As soon as Tsen and I arrived at the field, we were greeted warmly by the officials there who directed us to our respective booth. I would say it was quite organized, trust me big sign boards everywhere:kl_marathon_registration
Well I guess that got a pretty big field anyway…

The officials at the counter were nice and friendly. I was pretty satisfied with their service, the collection process took about 3min each (pretty fast I would say). I’m not sure about the day before as it was raining and were suffering from some computer glitch.
kl_marathon 10km registration

I like the bag that were given to us, it’s huge…
kl_marathon goodie bag
RapidKL special shutter bus were also available for the price of RM7 which includes one day pass on all public transport (STAR, PUTRA and RAPIDKL).

This make it convenient for those that are running full and half marathon which starts at 5am and 6am respectively. No public transport are available at that time + all the roadblocks.

Breathe Right were taking advantage of the event to promote their product. I would say it do work for me when I’m suffering from running nose as I do have it quite often. And yes it is not only to solve snoring problem.
kl_marathon breathe right

100 plus set up some rock climbing and basketball activity booth. Is the rock climbing practical? Will the participant try it out? I don’t think so… Who would want to hurt themselves before the race?
kl_marathon 100plus sports

Hew and me were so hyped up with the KL marathon that we end up joining for the Shah Alam Adidas King of Road Marathon on the spot. Despite the orange color, the shirt is of good quality. RM30 is quite worth it! 
adidas king of the road
Both of us joined the 11km race. Why not 22km? The qualifying time 11km is 50min which is quite a challenge for both of us. As you can see my training time for 11km is more than 1h.

Lots of toilet are provided. Unlike Towerthon with only 4 provided (I think), the queue was so damn long till I was forced to run with a full tank.
kl_marathon toilet1

The toilets are decent. I was fascinated by the manual pump (observe the 2 round black rubber on the floor of the toilet. One for the flush and one for the tap.
kl_marathon toilet 2

Helmut and me give it a go at the toilets and came out asking each other did we snap the same thing and we laughed about it:

Me all fired up for the longest run that I had ever participated so far:
kl_marathon_half marathon counter



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