Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant @ Midvalley

Happy Birthday Aunt!

It’s always very difficult to choose a healthy eating place. My aunt is always health conscious and my grandma are not suppose to eat oily or sweet stuff (even though she cheats sometime Tongue).

Well guess what, the boss told them that the dishes were all cooked with NO preservative and artificial food flavoring, in addition to that all dishes are cook with tea leaves for extra taste and gimmick I must say..

Look at her smile of satisfaction (partially because I paid for the meal Not talking):purple cane 2

Did you ever have problems picking your dishes when you get into a restaurant? (We avoided that but instead we had trouble picking our table. We moved 3 times around the restaurant. In our defense, it was all for the comfort of grandma.. =p)

Hahaha… we skipped that part and go on straight to order the set menu. The Only tea recipe Halal Bak Kut Teh in Malaysia set menu. <—told ya dishes will be cooked with some tea leaves.

Set Menu for 3 – 4 person Includes:
purple cane bak kut teh 2
1. Halal and a complete bak kut teh set: Bak Kut Teh (chicken) + dough stick + Tau Pok

The Bak Kut teh closer look (spot the tea leaf):purple cane bak kut teh
The combination smell of the herbs and tea leaves are so unique. The soup shockingly not oily at all, so ‘qing’/jernih and so full of flavor.

2. 3 choices of tea meal, there is a range choices from tau fu, egg, seafood and vegetables. We chose ( I can’t remember the name of the dishes though):

Squid with four angled bean in belacan
purple cane sotong

Stir Fried vege 4 in 1 with minced pickled and tea
purple cane 4 season vege

Thai style crispy tau fu. I've got to say this is one of the best dish of the night!
purple cane tau fu

3. Green Tea Rice (notice that the rice is a little brownish, it’s because of the tea)
purple cane rice

4. Dessert Almond Beancurd in Black Tea
purple cane almond tau fu
This is the most refreshing dessert I had ever had! For almond flavored food hater, this beancurd is totally edible. (Confirmed by PW)

5. Puer Tea – I’m not a tea expert but I think they are serving the tea in a proper manner. One teapot for holding tea leaves to be soaked with water, then pouring the tea to another teapot for consumption. This is to prevent the tea from being too concentrated.

My brother turn up late for the dinner, giving excuses such as traffic jam… He said we usually follow the Malaysian time (i.e. +30min). However, we arrived at 8pm sharp. So as punishment, we will post this picture of him.
purple cane 3

My grandma kept stopping my aunt from eating up the dishes without leaving some for him. I think my aunt just can’t resist good food. In the end, grandma insist on ordering another dish for him, drunken chicken:
purple cane drunken chicken
It taste different from the usual drunken chicken outside but still taste good.

We ordered an additional dessert, dry tong yuen covered with peanut:
purple cane tong yun

The total bill was: RM104.25 (5 person sharing)

The dishes are not too sweet, not too salty and not too plain, just the right taste. All dishes use minimal oil. It was a very healthy dinner. We will go back again to have more. It is a double thumbs up from me.

Find out more on the Bak Kut Teh set menu here:

Purple Cane Tea Restaurant
Location: LG Floor, The Gardens (next to Ding Tai Fung and Shijokiya)
Food: 4.5/5 nibbles. 
Cleanliness: 4.5/5 nibbles
Pricing: 3.5/5 nibbles
Service: 3/5 nibbles (The waitress tend to concentrate of their work instead of the customer)


Healthy always,



  1. wa i try so nice ^^

  2. I have just recently had dinner at the Mid Valley Purple Cane Restaurant. Their service is REALLY BAD!! Today I had dinner there again, my friends and I walked in and choose a table and settled down. We were waiting there and nobody showed us the menu eventhough there wasn't much customers at that time. The waiters are merely just standing there doing nothing or playing with their handphone. Also, we had to request more than 3 times to add some more soup to our "Chic Kut Tea". With such service even how nice is the food, it will make people to reconsider to dine there. Their management should REALLY do some inspection and quality checking on their service!


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