Friday, June 5, 2009

Sri Karak in PJ

I love love love durian!

Besides loving the fruits itself, I also love the fact that durian bring me lots of happy bonding moments with family and friend. Normally you won’t enjoy the fruit as much if you are eating it alone.

When I was young, when I see my dad coming out of the car with bags of durian, that is the cue for me and my brothers to scramble and get all the necessary equipment:

  1. old newspaper
  2. big knife
  3. cloth

Then we will all sit together and “fight” for the durian. Cowboy

Last Saturday after my medical check up in PJ, we decided to drop by Sri Karak. This is actually a branch of the famous Yik Kee Restraurant in Karak.

We ordered every durian flavored food they have on their menu. First of started with Durian Tart. 07

Durian Bomb. 07

Every bite will fill your mouth with durian paste.. Yummy!

McDurian. 07 

Whipped cream with the durian paste wrapped in a thin layer of pancake I suppose. 
Best eaten cold.

and finally Durian Cendol. 07

Best eaten cold also. Big Grin The durian element here is actually the ice cream looking blob.

Oh, and we ordered some main dish. It was just meh~ Nothing interesting.DSCF2083

Their “recommended” Seafood Yee Mee was so fishy that I couldn’t finish it..

We snapped this photo which is actually their packaging box. It was printed a picture of the map to the shop in Karak.

All in all, the durian pastry/dessert tasted very good and I will definitely consider coming in again for a snack. Forget about having lunch or dinner here.

PJ Sri Karak.
Location: Near MBPJ Building. Click Here
Food: 4/5 nibbles. (This rating exclude the main dish)
Cleanliness: 4/5 nibbles
Pricing: 3/5 nibbles
Service: 4/5 nibbles


I heart durian,


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  1. Durian yeeMee???????
    catfish's taste is really。。。


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