Saturday, June 20, 2009

Action Pack Day 2 : Battle of the Movie

Let the battle continues…

It had been a very busy and tiring month of May with all weekends occupied. We had not much time to go for any outings ourselves. Even for our regular movies.

We have missed out quite a few movies since the Monster Vs Aliens, Confession of Shopaholic and Paul Blart: Mall Cop (Hahah I always call it Pall Mall by mistake. Free branding for BAT. Tongue).

To make up for it, we manage to cram all the latest must watch movie in 2 weeks.

It started of with X-MEN origins: Wolverine, watched it in Midvalley since most of the other cinema already stop screening.

Wolverine was an enjoyable movie but the story line is quite thin… The actions alone was worth watching!

PW was very eager to watch Night at the Museum 2: Battle of the Smithsonian ever since our movie spree started again but due to X-MEN movie was phasing out so… As promised, the next show:
For those who had watched the first one, you would tend to expect more from it. Can’t help it as certain element of surprise and shock factor was already gone.

The humor is still as good. The best move of the director was to focused more on the new character by locking the previous movie’s character up. Hehehe… I love the Abraham Lincoln and ‘The Thinker’. This movie is recommended for those who are looking for a good laugh!

To enjoy the movie more, my advice is to skip the trailer. It seems the best part are already captured there.

Next up was my pick –> Star Trek. It is booked in my must watch list since I watched the trailer last year in cinema. The character’s appearance is 10 times better than the old series make up.
I must say this is a must watch movie! You’ll have to watch it to feel the actions. Initially PW was a bit reluctant stating reason that she didn’t know any background story. Her comment after the movie: “ Live Long and Prosper”  V(-.-)

Well, I know I’m out of topic… (sorry for my ‘long gas’ again)…

As for the action pack day, of course we will opt for an action pack movie. The only one left in our to watch list was Terminator Salvation.

As soon as we got to Cathay ticket counter after the Esprit warehouse, we were thinking that the hope is slim of getting any movie ticket. The queue length was from the counter till the wall behind even with 80% of the counters open!!!

While queuing up, I came up with a bizarre idea of opting for Cathay Platinum movie suite. The idea was terminated after I got the ticket price which was RM40 per person.

Fortunately, despite the queue volume, we still get our ticket.
Terminator Salvation is a sequel to the Terminator 3: Judgement day. In my opinion, the movie is over rated by the reviews that I had read in the newspapers. There were no good story line or plot, everything was so predictable. PW was half the time confused Confused. The most surprised part was special appearance of Arnold Schwarzenegger with no more than 10 min.

The idea of going for a movie at Cathay’s Platinum Movie Suite is still fresh so I got back and researched more on it. Apparently, it have less seats as opposed to GSC gold class with only 12 pair of seats in a room (more private).Cathay_platinum

From the Cathay cinema website, I found that Monday – Wednesday is RM25 per person which is quite a reasonable price for the luxury. Beside this, there is also a XBox gaming station, Ogawa massage chair and also WIFI available in the movie lounge. How cool is that?

The only drawback: no blanket and pillow provided, you’ll need to rent it…

Well, I will give it a try when there is a movie worth watching in Platinum Class. Maybe Transformer…

Check out more on Cathay Platinum here.



--Catfish & PW--

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