Friday, June 12, 2009

Do Not Eat!!

After so many food posting, are you expecting another review of a restaurant? And judging from the title, it’s should be Bad Bad Bad.. Nailbiting

Truth is…

One fine day, Catfish came home from office and ask me to go search for hidden treasure from his work bag.

Dig, dig, dig…

After much digging, I found this!!

What’s this you say?

It’s a wooden penis! There’re Big one, Medium one and Smaller one.. Which do you think suits you? hehehe..

I’ve seen a couple of this.. WTF!!

No la.. It’s actually all very innocent… The big one is a Bottle Opener and the smaller ones are Key Chain.

These seem to be a very popular souvenir from Bali recently.

Because we are responsible blogger and this blog is PG-18SX, Catfish had come up with this advisory label.. hahahha..




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  1. wow...
    such a wonderful dick
    my black color dick gave to Shaun


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