Tuesday, June 16, 2009

XBOX: Project Natal

Ever thinking of getting a Wii now?

You might want to hold back first and save your moo-lah for something more revolutionary.

Watch this and you will understand:

I remember having a conversation with my housemate (YJ) about this up and coming technology back in University some 3-4 years ago. Where games actually uses human body movement as controller.  When Wii was released, I thought that was it… but no I was wrong!

Previously, Microsoft Xbox sales was greatly affected by Wii’s existence. Sony Playstation wasn’t too good either at that time.

It got worst during the HD optical disc war! Remember Sony Blu-Ray won? “Microsoft ceased production of Xbox 360 HD DVD players while…” by Wikipedia. Terrible and tragic incident for Microsoft…

For Microsoft, it’s worry no more with Project Natal!!!

Sony Playstation you can get ready to pack your bag if you don’t have something up your sleeves soon. Or else where will you stand when this is released?

No controller, no string attached… Just you:

Imagine driving your favorite Ferrari without Ferrari…

Imagine playing soccer without getting dirty…

Imagine playing tennis without going under the sun…

All with freedom of movement and no restricting boundaries.

I wonder if pasar malam will come up with a corner for “blu” game corner for Project Natal… Hmm Thinking

PW mentioned that people playing X Box Project Natal looks like a mime. For gamers freak, maybe you can consider this as your 2nd career option.

On an unrelated note: Did you manage to watch this episode of Mr. Bean animated series with the mime? It’s damn freaking hilarious:


For more info Project Natal, click here.

Faithfully waiting,

--Catfish, PW--

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