Thursday, June 4, 2009

Microsoft CIBAI: Unfortunate Naming?

Sorry for the vulgar title here. I just can’t stand not posting about up.

This is one of the most unfortunate and hilarious name I ever come across. This could easily make it to the top 10 most unfortunate name.

Well I would say this definitely catches the attention of Hokkien community all around the world. Singaporean are twittering CIBAI to each other a lot last month. Raised Eyebrow

Imagine some ‘ham sap’ man searching Cibai on the internet to fulfill his unstoppable lust but found this instead…. potong steam-nyer~


Mr. tech mode: Here are some explanation:

CIBAI is an acronym for Class Invariant By Abstract Interpretation.

To clarify things up Mr Brown has asked Microsoft regarding this matter. It is actually an academic research paper by researcher in the past, NOT a Microsoft product or application.

However, reading the abstract from the research paper, makes me rofl:

Abstract. We introduce Cibai a generic static analyzer based on abstract
interpretation for the modular analysis and verification of Java
classes. We present the abstract semantics and the underlying abstract
domain, a combination of an aliasing analysis and octagons. We discuss
some implementation issues, and we compare Cibai with similar tools,
showing how Cibai achieves a higher level of automation and precision
while having comparable performances.

I know I’m bad. I was curious after it caught my attention so I proceed to read the research paper.

I was amazed by this tool, bravo to them (you may skip this part if too technical) :

Cibai analyzed the 40 files of the library in 28.6 seconds, whereas ESC/Java took 50.2 seconds. Cibai was able to verify the library except for two assertions involving
non-octogonal arithmetic relations. ESC/Java 2 emitted 107 warnings, mainly
about null dereferences and out of bound array accesses.

I’m just imagining if this is really an application, how will they give title to the expert? MCCP Microsoft Certified CIBAI Programmer? Tongue

Sorry YeeJie, you might be angry with this post but I just can’t help it.


long live nibble tech,



  1. I thought Microsoft Certification are usually very general and they don't do certification for specific software? Eg. Ms Certified Trainer, Ms Certified Solution Developer, etc?

    Maybe there will be a MVP in CIBAI. ;)

  2. 28.6s。。。
    Impressive Cibai they got

  3. Definitely I'm not angry. But certainly I don't feel any wrong doing with the naming. Afterall only chinese communities realize it's funny. I personally think CIBAI is cool, afterall it's just the name of a research, not a product name.

  4. Is that CIBAI expensive or not? how much is the price?

  5. Out of all 4 comments, the final anonymous comment has got to be the most crude one! LOL!

    But I think you have just attracted unwanted direction to your blog...

  6. Hm..Good Post!


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