Saturday, July 25, 2009

Hai Ung Seafood Restaurant @ Kuala Selangor

The last time that we really hunt and ate some good seafood was during our Pangkor Island trip. The Pangkor Island post was suppose to be our grand post when we started out this blog but because it is quite lengthy so we were too lazy to blog about up till now…

We actually have a lot of backdated post queuing : Pei Pei’s Wedding, Melaka Trip, and lot and lots of food reviews…

Ok, back to the post, I’m starting to be in my long gas mode again… Chatterbox

Kuala Selangor was known for its fresh and cheap seafood. There were a number of seafood restaurant by the riverside that we were so confused as to where to go to.

We follow our instinct and ended up with this:
Hai Ung Seafood Restaurant
Hai Ung Seafood Restaurant. We chose this because it was the only that doesn’t look so commercialized.

The waitress or maybe the owner were very nice to us. We are no expert in seafood so we asked her to recommend us the the dishes:
We thought we ordered too little for 2 but when the dish came… Worried No wonder the waitress said it is going to be enough.

1. Butter fried ‘Lai Liu Ha’ (Mantis prawn), I always thought it sounded like a urinating prawn. The taste was just nice and was extremely crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside.

2. Thorn spiky shell (siput duri). I’m not sure if I’ve named it correctly. Adrienne call it helicopter shell seafood. A very simple dish. Just steam it. Maybe I can DIY.. hehe

The special thing here though is the sauce.  Some sour-ish, a lil spicy sauce with some garlic and onion in it. DSCF1553

You don’t see much flesh right… It is all inside.

This is how you dig it up.
You have to eat it with the sauce as it’s bring out the freshness of it. Not too fishy taste even though it was steamed.

3. Last but not least crab is the must have dish for both the crab meat lover!
‘Kam Heong’ Crab (3 crabs here):
We actually asked for only 2 person but it turns out to be more than 3 person share. We were given 3 FAT and HUMONGOUS crab! There were lots of meat and definitely a crab that workout a lot because it have very chewy meat.

It was finger licking good! Haha it ended up quite messy…
It was really very hearty meal and with each a big coconut, yum yum… We spent hours finishing up the dishes but it’s all worth it.

I was actually wondering why the fireflies becoming extinct before this but I think I know why…
I seriously didn’t know where the water will channeled to.

The total bill was summed up to RM70 and the most expensive dish was the crab. The rest of the dishes were like less than RM 10 and the crab was about RM15 with the coconut RM8 each. If I’m not mistaken, the thorny snail was the cheapest dish of all!

On top of the hearty meal, you could also get a very good view and scenery right on top of the riverside. You should go there at 4pm –7pm timing.

Trust me beautiful sunset! We arrived a little late. What do you think?
This was taken using the camera timer. Does this picture look familiar to you? Thinking 

It’s our banner!!!! But with a little trick to it. We will reveal it in the next coming post..

The next table noticed us using the camera timer. Well it was quite obvious with a dozen times of timer. Yawn

They were kind enough to offer us some help. It did looked nicer right?
It was worth the hunt. We were satisfied with the food plus we got a seat next to the river. Recommended to you all and you might even want to try the restaurant around the area.

How to get there? From KL direction, as soon as you entered Kuala Selangor, look out for a long and big bridge across the Kuala Selangor river. As soon as you travelled across the river, turn left and turn right, it might look like a very small and narrow road with palm tree on both side.

You will soon reach a market. You could use the Restaurant Seafood Kuala Selangor sign from then on. Maybe you will get a better picture with Google Map.




  1. Nice photos! Which camera are you using?

  2. Hi Lyne, Thanks for the comment.

    We are using 2 cameras here. One is the Fuji F100FD and Sony DSC H7.


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