Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bluetooth Blues

I know 2 consecutive nibble tech is boring but I’ve got to put down what had happened to my headset yesterday!

i.Tech i.VoicePro was my ideal headset because PW will not know where I am. Even if I ever go to clubbing because only my voice will be heard, all clubbing noise will be cut.

But yesterday the headset:


What happened was i.VoicePro that I bought was broken after usage of less than 1 day… So sad~ The headset mic does not work.

This is what happened to me yesterday:
Me with the headset and Bro using his phone.
Me: “Hello!”
Bro: “Hello”
Me: “Can open the gate for me?”
Bro: “Har?”
Me: “Hey don’t play play a, open the gate!!!”
Bro: “Har?” and slammed the phone…
Me: Called again..
Same thing!! My bro said that he can’t hear a thing from my side, total silent…

I spent hours analyzing what’s the problem and made countless trial to PW.  Annoyed, she suggested to off the “killer noise” function and it works. My conclusion on the problem is either the second mic does not work or the software is not functioning properly.

So happen next day is my appointment for my jaw at the TM clinic at UH. I was kept waiting for some time and ended up too late to make it for second half of work so instead I head to Lowyat to settle this issue.

This is what happened at the service centre:
1. The serviceman flashed new software to the headset. He said it should be working now but I tried and nothing.

2. The serviceman gave me a new set. Called my aunt she said working.

3. I was happy and walked off. Called PW to try one last time whether the ‘killer noise’ function work. PW say not working.

4. Head back and ask about it. The serviceman told me that for the i.VoicePro, most of it have the same problem. This is due to the software problem that does not work properly with the mic. Knowing that he flashed a software that permanently disables the ‘killer noise’ function. So far they do not have the solution yet! HE DID NOT TELL ME THAT!!!

5. I asked him why the heck I pay extra for the function when i don’t have the function? He referred me to the PIC that sold me the set.

6.  After long discussion with the boss, Don (Heheh I got her name) told me that she can replace another headset and return the extra that I had paid.

7. I chose the second best option that I had tried on the other day. Jabra BT2050 at the price of RM120 which was RM8 lesser after negotiating the price. Don was very sorry. I was telling Don, if you had told me about the problem I wouldn’t had buy it and get angry and no trouble on both side.

My advice:
DON’T BUY i.VoicePro!!!

I don’t know if this applies to i.VoicePro only or not because there were quite alot of i.Tech headset returned for warranty when I was waiting for them to repair mine. Well that was also the other reason why I took Jabra which was NOT i.Tech.

Overall, MCM service was alright. At least I get my result and are able to return the extra in cash so I was quite happy with Don’s service.

Tongue PW’s pocket is now heavier compare to Sunday’s…


Nibble Blues,


PS: When I got back home, only that I realized that the charger is still attached to the plug point in my house. I forgot to return the i.VoicePro’s charger to Don and she did not check the box content. I really pity her. Sorry, I don’t think I have time to get back to Lowyat again. Nailbiting


  1. ish... that why... so many noise come out... i though raining heavily or construstion is going on... @@

  2. you using the i.VoicePro?
    Is it still under warranty? You should bring it back and complain...



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