Tuesday, July 14, 2009


Been busy with work and are back as per requested by HC’s “update… update… update”.

Actually I’ve had a very rough week. My body decided to lock up my jaw and throw the key out the window. Must be because of the increasing crime rate around my neighborhood. Need to protect my gold tooth.. hehe.. Tongue

Actually the lock jaw happened when I was taking a humongous bite on a ‘Heong Peng’. After that bite, I can’t open my mouth to chew. I suck at the piece for at least 10 min before I can swallow it.

This had happened before but it lasted maybe 5-10min only. This time it lasted till now (approximately 2 weeks). This time really ‘jia lat’ lo. I desperately need a key to unlock my jaw!!!

Cannot open mouth means:

No eating! No yawning! No Laughing! No Yelling! and even No Kissing!  Surprise

This is serious stuff wei. According to research, I can die from malnourishment. (Wah~ so drama…)

I think my symptom could be Trismus. Taking the advise from the WWW, head to a dental clinic for check up. The dentist only took a 10 min look and charged me RM30 for a letter that refer me to University Hospital (UH) dentist for further check up. ‘Jia Lat’ again!

Maybe I shouldn’t calculate on the RM30 too much, the letter referred me direct to the dean/supervisor of the dentist Bilik Rawatan Utama (BRU). At least some experience doctor attended to me before passing it on to the Masters student.

They took X-ray of my teeth and jaw. And my teeth turns out to be:teeth
Hehehe.. I got this off the Google image and edited it so not exactly mine. What you see is for illustration purpose only.

WTH I have 37 teeth altogether!!! A normal teeth set have 32 teeth only! The four canine teeth illustrated on the x-ray above never erupted out of the gum. The wisdom teeth are also giving me problem and supposed to be extracted as well.

The main problem was my right jaw joint (circled in black).  
The disc was dislocated to the front, therefore, giving me a restricted movement of my jaw to open not more than 25mm, 1.5 finger width.

Normal human can open their mouth over >35mm, usually 3 finger width. (PW tried and she can fit 4 fingers.. Thinking) Why don’t you try and include the answer in the comment?

Now I have to follow strict rules that the mouth specialist gave me:
1. Go for strict soft food diet.
2. Use hot packs 5 times a day
3. Don’t yawn and don’t laugh <— WTH?! Everytime PW make me laugh, I have to hold on to my jaw so that it doesn’t just fell and hang around.

UH gave me a very good impression all round. All the consultation and x-ray only cost me RM5 and that is for registration. And the wisdom tooth extraction cost me only RM100 where private clinic might cost at least RM300 per wisdom tooth. On top of everything the Master student that consulted me is hot with B-square! (sorry PW, pulling my ears now~)

Below are some very useful links that I found:




I know I’m blogging but with such a long gas-ness. What to do? It’s been a long time ma.


In search of the key,


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