Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Nope, not yet the King of the Road…

It’s been a very sad long week during our absence from blog. My deepest sympathy and heartfelt condolences to See family. Do drop a message for PW in the Nibbling Box –>. She will be back to read it.

In KL-Marathon post, it was a spontaneous act joining King of the Road Shah Alam. Maybe we were over into the hype of marathon then.
king of the road shah alam 2009 receipt
The receipt for the run made the organizer looks very well planned. It was divided to 3 parts where 2 parts were used to collect your race pack and for reporting on the day of race. The shirt was not the quality as I’ve expected when we registered though Sad.

Hew and me took part in the 11km race.
It was lucky that we have opt for the 11km race. The weather was not very good for the run as the haze was very thick.korsa_start_line

The road was not an easy game, it was continuous uphill and downhill. Never a good flat land. Especially the 1km stretch at the start and the finish route. It was terribly difficult to run. I’m not sure if it was because I’ve had only 2.5h of sleep or was it the haze. Breathing were very difficult or maybe I’m just an amateur Tongue.

Arrived finishing line at 1h 12min bad timing. No improvement even though I’m running a shorter route. Sigh.

Lesson learned: downhill != fun/relax/speed but control step speed and breathing.
                       uphill != slowdown/walk but keep same step speed as flat ground.

I was SS in this run. Heheh SS means sad but satisfied NOT syiok sendiri. Why?
Sad – I was not qualified for the medal.
Satisfied – I did not stop a bit despite the steep slopes!

Hew came in slightly later than me at 1h 25min+ who claim that he walked the race. Not a bad time.

After the race, it took us like 1.5h before we found each other. We did mentioned a meet up point but unfortunately both of us did not end up the seat to wait. Later that we know, we were actually at the same area looking at the same place but overlooking each other.
korsa_stadium_condition copy
I just can’t understand why they don’t understand what’s the use of a rubbish bin?

I was worried after 1h of waiting. I actually should be worried because there were an unfortunate incident happened reported today in NST during the day of race. Gary Leon Robert was found dead at the stadium 24hours after the race. This is a tribute video to him:

I did not take my camera along so this is the only photo we had:
king of the road shah alam 2009
We don’t really look very tired though! Heheh notice I’ve got a hair cut again before a race Winking. Helmut say it increase aerodynamic movement. We had a hearty meal with our colleagues after the race at Klang for Bak Kut Teh. Yum Yum!

I think it’s possible to beat the King of the Road title in 50min. I’ll be stronger and sure to come back to challenge it again!


God Speed,


PS: Sorry Axio stealing photo from you again Tongue

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