Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Nibble of Thoughts 1st Step to Celebrity Status.

Recently, our blogging motivation has been dropping. Not as eager and keen as we used to. Our bad, we know..

But But But…

OMFG!! Nibble of Thoughts is officially FAMOUS!!!! 46

You know why??

We got ourselves a cat sneaking around lately.. Not those cute cat you see in icanhascheezburger but a COPYCAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The most hideous type of cat ever~

Even worse than this.


Wahahahaha, Damn Ugly!!! Rolling on the floor


Remember Catfish’s post on Microsoft CIBAI: Unfortunate Naming? 

I am proud to say this remains one of the most defining moment of our blogging career <- (tak tau malu, not even 2 months blogging already calling it career. Blushing) When we see the response and hits garnered to the post, our hidung, buntut all mengembang.statistic

That was also our lucky break when Kenny Sia blog about some unfortunate naming for a Condom right after we posted that. We share our post there to “promote” our findings.

LOOK!!Kenny sia

Imagine the joy that Catfish felt when he first found the topic. He put in so much effort perfecting the post with the extra link of Top 10 Unfortunate Naming. After he complete that post, immediately he IM me to read it. Never have I seen him so excited about blogging.

But what do you know, we found another copy of it, word for word right here.copycat post

Not even a single alterations. Same picture. Not even changing the smiley to suits his style which is plain and without personality. 

Currently, Catfish and myself feels our excitement, joy and pride slowly dissolving to nothing but anger.

We do not mind if you take our topic and blog about it like Vkashin or others. As long as you insert your own opinion and if you are kind enough, give some credit to your source.

I got no time to browse through his blog but by going thorough his first page only, there is only one conclusion. That guy cannot write to safe his life.

First post: Copied Song Lyrics

Second Post: Post copied off Nibble of Thoughts

Third post: 10 words post with not even a title

Fourth Post: 25 words post with no title again (Not even capable to write a title in his own written post)

Fifth Post: Copied Song Lyrics

Sixth Post: 9 WORDS!!!!!!!!!!! Need I say more?

Is that even called a post?

All his post consist only short rambling which provide absolutely no added value at all to its reader. Or not it’s just song lyrics which he did not provide any hint on how it relates to him. What’s the point then?

Is that guy incapable of expressing anything at all in his own word? Why must it be copied from somewhere or some songs?

I am not sure I am being mean or maybe not mean enough but word by word plagiarism is something I hate and only will be attempts by stupid people. He is indirectly insulting our intelligence by thinking it won’t be discover.

In a way, I would like to see him retaliate to this post rather than delete his post. This would be interesting. But don’t hold your breath. Judging by his post, he could be thick face enough to just ignore all this.

And guess what? He was born in the year of snake.. Sneaky bastard.


I guess snake skin is not that thick after all. He deleted it.


So here’s the cache to prove we are not dreaming. (it might be gone by tomorrow)

Due to his age we are posting a toned down version of our true feeling so no colorful words here… Smug


Against Plagiarism,

PW & Catfish

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