Friday, October 30, 2009

Michelangelo’s @ Pavilion

It’s been ages since ‘We’ have been blogging. I must say it have been a long crazy, stressful and health threatening month of work.

But the tiring working Saturdays is coming to an end soon and workload is easing up a little. On top of that, we had just returned from a very ‘dehydrated’ Bangkok trip. I thought we deserve a good hearty meal.

We head to a restaurant that I had wanted to try for such a long time, Michelangelo’s in Pavilion. Michelangelo's

Surprisingly the one in Sunway Pyramid has closed down and turned into some bad bad bad Taiwanese restaurant. That is a story for another day, we got picture and evidence. Please avoid it at all cost.

PW look very happy since I’m treating her. Tongue
Michelangelo's pw

The ambience was perfect for a nice romantic peaceful dinner.
Adapted from TheStar “Exquisite: The decor of Michelangelo’s exudes an exotic charm with a play of black and white for contrast..”
Michelangelo's wall
Besides this section, there is also a smoking area outside where most foreigners will be chilling out with jugs of beer. Also enjoying view of neighbor restaurant customer blowing their Shisha pipes.

The bar on the left and the kitchen on the right.
Michelangelo's bar

We ordered a soup as our appetizer, Creme di Funghi. First sip, the soup tasted slightly sour-ish but surprisingly the overall taste blend in quite well together. One word: Weird~
Michelangelo's creme di funghi

As for our main dish, PW ordered Risotto di Mare. The dish is full of seafood, it’s quite worth the money. Michelangelo's risotto di Mare

Doubt how much seafood were in the Risotto? This is what PW had collected and it is just half of it + lots of squid in it. PW presented a very nice dish here, I thought I should give her some credit for this. Tongue
Michelangelo's Leftover

I got the Pollo alla Cacciatora. Whole thigh + spaghetti with capsicum in rosemary sauce.
Michelangelo's pollo ala cacciatora

My dish on the other hand had nothing much to collect at the end of it. This is how it turns out…
Michelangelo's empty

The food were superb. I must say the risotto gravy, spaghetti sauce and the serving are perfect. Writing this blog makes my mouth watering again. I had a great time treating PW and myself such an costly meal after a taxing month.

What’s happier than stripping a prawn perfectly! Wee~
Michelangelo's Prawn

I absolutely recommend this ristorante when you have a little extra to spare for the month. You should also tryout their tomato basil bruschetta which KLue recommends.

We will definitely come back for more.
Michelangelo's wallpaper


Location: Lot C3.04.00, Connection Level 3, Pavilion Kuala Lumpur. (Near starbucks)
Tel: 03-2141 1123.

Food: 4.7/5 nibbles.
Cleanliness: 5/5 nibbles
Pricing: 2/5 nibbles
Service: 4.5/5 nibbles (The waiters there were polite and friendly except for one grumpy one which so happen to be serving us. *Look at other table with envy*)

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