Monday, September 28, 2009

Oh! It’s raining men! Hallelujah~

Well, not really raining men.. 

I prefer raining Megan Fox. But if the report is true that Megan Fox is a transvestite.. cue song* Oh! It’s raining men! HALLELUJAH!!! hahaha…

Back to point. The song is actually describing how’s the weather in the room.

If rain come from clouds, then this is our cloud. A big faulty dusty white cloud that had been raining indoor for almost a week.

Haeir Water Leaking

The Haier air-cond in the room was leaking water into the room instead of flowing out of the room… Sad Which means we can’t on the air-cond for too long because once it starts to get slightly cold this is what happened. catching rain

drip* drip* drip*

Our ears were prepared to pick up any sign of dripping water. One drip everyone in the room will be running with a pail to the air-cond. Very good exercise.

We can’t on the air-cond without supervision. So we have to sleep in sweat through the hot nights for 4-5 days. In the end we can’t take it anymore and determined to turn the air-cond ON no matter what. After some time of rescuing the table from rain, this is what happened:
Pail of water

With a watchful guard:
Monitor the rain

After much investigation, I was told that the leaking air-cond is probably due to blockage in the pipe directing air to the outside unit. Means it’s time to give your air-cond a service. Chemical service is a better option to clear the blockage.

But during our last service, the guy told us that the air-cond was not in a very good shape. The blower/fan of the Haier is blowing like an old man.

WoOOoo… WooOO… WOOO… Wooo… WooOO…

Instead of:


So the ultimate solution is to replace the OLD MAN


We went to scout for prices typical of me. Really thanks to my aunt to accompany along.

Found one decent shop for all household electric appliances Tan Boon Ming ( They have about 5 branches throughout Klang Valley and they have one of the widest range of brand and series. How often can you see Daikin, Panasonic, Hitachi, Mitsubishi, Sharp and Midea together. Well you better check out TBM.

Our criteria for an aircond:
1. Inverter type since we switch ON the aircond for more than 8h throughout the whole night.
2. Reliable and cooling
3. Environmental safe (on father’s request to safe the earth) and R22 HCFC gas will be faced out by 2015. Check this out:

Daikin is cheap but were using the R22 HCFC. We ended up with Hitachi, Mitsubishi and Panasonic which are using R410 gas.

Ultimately we ended up with:Mitsubishi Electric Inverter Aircond
Why? Because it is the cheapest among the 3 and also I had not come across any bad complain about it on reviews online.

The best compliment I would give this aircond is that it is one of the most silent aircond that I had ever come across. Not a single noise from the compressor and at times when the aircond stop operating, you might even think that “Eh?! Didn’t I just switched it ON”.

This is to show you how cold (on my face) and how satisfied (PW) is with the aircond:
Mistubishi Aircond


Please watch this video! Gave PW a shock. She only knew of the Geri Halliwell version.

(I think this original version will take your attention rather than the Geri Halliwell’s Tongue)

“Tonight for the first time just about half past ten…

For the first time in history it’s gonna start raining men!!!”

“It’s raining men! Hallelujah!

We can’t get any sleep now… Because my room is getting soaking wet~! Argh!”

“So that each and every household could find her perfect air-cond

Please Stop Raining Men! Yeah!~”

Hahaha too bad I’m not good at modifying lyrics…… Tongue


Thanks Dad for sponsoring!!! Really appreciate it!

Love you so much Papa


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  1. oh no.. well good thing you got the problem solved. It's always nice to have a new aircond. the one in my room is also over 10 years old, and definitely not green. So i try my best to help in the preservation of mother earth, i turn it on only for about 1-2 hours every night.


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