Thursday, August 13, 2009

PW is back…

This post is dedicated to Mr.Small Gas aka Catfish who is currently on a blogging strike.

Last weekend out of a sudden, he make an announcement to me. He declared that he won’t blog until I start blogging again. gulp~ Sad 

So evil of him! Depriving all his loyal reader of interesting long gas blog posts..
Bad Catfish..

I got solid reason why I stop blogging K. Laziness is one of them and it is a damn good reason too I must say. Agree? Big Grin OK OK.. My bad.. Don’t throw shoes at me.


Actually, poor Catfish here have tried countless way of motivating me to start blogging again.

He tried the more gentle way of encouragement where he actually gather feedback from people and relay it back to me individually.. Red heart But in doing so, he starts to feel less loved by you guys and he actually sulked to me. hahhaha.. You guys please give him deserved praising and comments as well.. Terima Kasih banyak banyak.

he tried scolding.. (he better be careful with this)Angry

he tried tickling.. but I’m not scared of tickle.. In fact, he’s the one who are running round the room. Rolling on the floor (I only have one spot of weakness and I’m definitely not revealing it to you here.. hehehe)

He tried ignoring me the whole night thinking I’ll be bored and will start blogging. So fail.. I got so many drama to watch, lots of books to read, manga chapters to catch up with, restaurant to build… etc etc..

And finally The Blogging Strike… He’s being very determined! Normally I can manja my way out of anything with him but he’s being very serious this time. I tried one last depressed card today and he finally soften down. He say he’ll blog.

But to not lose face, he told me that I have to blog at least one sentence. I was planning to be mean and blog only one sentence but I started feeling guilty for abandoning Nibble of Thought to Catfish alone. This is suppose to be a joint effort.

So people, do visit more often as we’ll start our blogging mode again. Party


Happy to be back,



  1. playing flower gun on blog pula。。。。
    ish ish。。。
    tonight Chow should be no chance to pick up my call

  2. Bwahahaha PW~ No excuse anymore :P

  3. Wah! Mr Chow sure akan kaya-raya coz he takut tickling. haha.


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