Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Annyeong Haseyo!


It's been a while since we written anything here but Catfish brought Nibble of Thoughts up and suddenly just felt like posting something up.

Not sure where to start so I randomly went through our photo album and pick something to share. Guess what? Food grabs my attention.. No surprise.. ;)

So we were in Korea last March..

We discover a chicken skewers stall at the crossroad in front of Ehwa University. It tasted so so good. The chicken was tender and the sauce was just so tasty. Bonus point for the complimentary unlimited rice cake for you to have together with your skewers.

Being that it was our first day and the first stall we tried, we reserved the space in our tummy for some other hidden gem along the way. Who knows what we will discover if the first stall discovered by chance is already so good. It definitely set our expectation way up high for the other street vendors. Unfortunately others did not match up. T_T

Also another bonus point, the Uncle greeted us with a big "SELAMAT DATANG" and "TERIMA KASIH" when he found out we were from Malaysia. We were impressed. He told us he loves the beauty of language and value the communication with his customer. By interacting with his customer daily, he picked up simple greetings in various language.

Definitely a good memory from Korea.

OK. That should cover 0.0001% of our experience in Korea. It was an awesome trip. =D

You may or may not hear from us again here. We'll see.. 

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