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3rd Year Anniversary @ Pangkor Island

Wee~ 3rd Year anniversary..

We celebrated our 4th year anniversary on 14th April 2010.. –.-“

Anyway, Pangkor was major FUN!! Partly because we found the right hotel promotion and the other part was the company.. (ehem.. I meant me)

Sadly, the promotion is not available this year.

The journey:

I would recommend you to drive there. The drive there was very enjoyable. No dangerous winding road uphill and downhill (*) and Look at the view!DSCF1362

Do stop for Air Nira on the way there.. The cooling drink is just the right drinks to start a beach holiday. It was one of the most refreshing and cooling drink to replenish yourself during the long drive. It was yumz!!

I’m gonna let Catfish do all the mundane detail work of describing the taste and full history of Air Nira.

Catfish Nibbles: Air Nira is one of the sweetest natural drink I had ever drink plus it does not leave any after taste like those over sweetened drink in restaurants. It was RM2 each pack.


There is many Air Nira stalls along the way.DSCF1359

Shea! The drive cannot be any easier. Catfish will be happy provide the direction if you ask. Bring him some fish food..

Catfish nibbles: The old road is easy to drive, highly recommended. The road were so straight that you could even let go your steering for some part of the trip. <—don’t try this =P. Check out the road map here to see how straight the road is. There are 2 turns you need to make but worry not just follow the sign indicating “Lumut” or “Sitiawan”. Shea, you can get me air nira. heheh…

Sunny boy on the way to Lumut

Wonder if Air Nira causes immediate hair growth. Be forewarn the hair will be bit greenish and spiky. See..DSCF1368

Catfish Nibbles: There is a 3 storey car park available located walking distance to the ferry. RM10 per day.DSCF1540

At the jetty. Must take some tourist shot to set the mood.DSCF1373

In the ferry. Pardon my tired face. Last minute packing the night before.. *Yawn* What’s new??DSCF1375

You get nipple sticker if you behave on the boat.  DSCF1380

Catfish Nibbles: We got on the private shutter to get us to the Pangkor Island Beach Resort Lobby from the jetty. Shutter to PIBR

When we reach the hotel lobby, we had a very welcoming entrance. All of us were given a drink and greeted by 2 very energetic singers.  PW with welcome singers

Catfish was with his NEW camera in the lobby. Hence the greenish pictures above.. Setting semua salah.. Rolling Eyes

Trying to be artistic. All he manage to take from that angle was my Fat thigh. FML! Picture censored.DSCF1383

Catfish Nibbles: The hotel room were huge but slightly old I would say.PIBR room

After settling down in our room, we immediately enquire about the transport/tour to the city. We wanted SEAFOOD!!… (Again, mundane details like pricing will be by Catfish)

Catfish Nibbles: The ‘taxi’ in Pangkor are all by one taxi community the pink vans. They basically have fix prices. A round trip tour which includes fish factory, Foo Lin Kong Temple and Dutch fort cost RM40 each person. Bloody expensive! What we did was we negotiated for the tour but leave us at the town, which he charged us RM20 each. 50% because no round trip back to hotel. It was tough work to get the deal!taxipricespangkor

First stop was the fish packaging tour. Nothing much here though. The Seafood items sold here were not really fresh and cheap. Luckily we bought a little only else we are sure to regret when we get to the town. Don’t spend too much time here!Pangkor Kilang Ikan

Foo Lin Kong Temple. If you can’t get to China, this is THE BEST PLACE to actually conquer the China’s Great Wall! It is just so easy to climb!great wall at temple

Next up the Dutch Fortress. Nothing special.DSCF1418

Catfish Nibbles: The city is filled with a lot pink vans, so no worry for transportation. The town is filled with seafood shop. Do scout and try the seafood snacks at diffrent shop before you make your purchase. We found one shop particularly cheap and fresh! There are plenty of banks here so if you need… The hotel have none.DSCF1438

Seafood! but it was so-so only.. The only picture of food here.. Promise!

Catfish Nibbles: This is apparently the only seafood available in town at that time. We ordered 1 salted egg crab, 1 sweet sour crab, 1 claypot seafood vege and a coconut each! It caused us RM54 not so cheap though.DSCF1443

Catfish Nibble: We brought these to celebrate our 3rd year anniversary.3th anniversary goodies

Our strawberry ‘fatt Mo’.. Raised EyebrowDSCF1525

Catfish Nibbles: The fridge is not cold..The only complain I have for the hotel room. The hotel service were good enough to try to change the fridge. Even that did not help but they offer us a fridge to keep our strawberries with the restaurant.

The view from our balcony. It’s got this dreamy effect caused the camera got foggy. DSCF1479

2nd day was dedicated to the hotel, enjoying their private beach and facilities. The promotion package includes all non motorised sports free.

Catfish Nibbles: In case if you are wondering how PIBR’s private beach look like. The sand on the beach is always clean, they have rubbish collecting machine sweeping up rubbish every 3 hours or so.

We went for kayak, the beach waves were a little rough at that time. We wanted to try out the kayak sailing but were not brave enough to do it. Pangkor Island Beach Resort's beach

PW at beach

I break my slippers playing ping pong. –.-“ Hence the bare foot.DSCF1482

Next we got a bicycle each.DSCF1484

Manage to stumble upon the humble Pangkor airport.pangkor airport

and also some mamak stalls for makan. Catfish Nibbles: Don’t blame PW for another food picture. =pmamak at pangkor

OMG! Wat’s that? DSCF1489

I think I’m more qualified to be a National Geographic presenter. Catfish can be the camera man. We were chasing it hoping it will flash his tail.DSCF1488

Catfish Nibbles: We got to play Archery and fishing during the night for free too! There is a list of weekly event timetable.PW and Catfish Archer

Lolx.. Catfish Missed!!DSCF1497

A must photo before we leave Pangkor Island Beach Resort.


This year we have celebrated our 4th year anniversary in Krabi, well sort of. We might possibly be posting it up next year… =p




and Catfish


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