Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Nibbly Christmas!

Woo hoo, it’s already past midnight… I’ve been writing this post since Christmas… 8920 (8920, internal office code.. =p)

On Christmas Eve, we had a Christmas gift exchange session.

It’s so nice of ShookYee to make us some nice blueberry muffins (I’m not sure if it is strawberry). Thank you!

Chirstmas Eve is actually our last day of work of year 2009. It is an official off days for all of us till 4th of January 2010.

We were all playing Christmas music using USB on Sony TV blasting it through the whole break time and lunch time. Iron man and Terminator 4 played using USB Video. Awww really no mood to work leh…

We tried to kill time by killing some reindeer as well.

And I didn’t know that killing a reindeer will make you a stupider reindeer.

Merry Christmas from nibbleofthoughts!

Wishing you a Joyful Christmas and many blessings!



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